#96: Green Light = GO, GO, GO!

German’s have a love affair with Das Auto, Fact. But, why not? They make the finest cars in the world – BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche are all designed and manufactured in Deutschland and with many families having reasonable disposable income, they can and do, buy nice cars.

What this means is an array of normal saloon looking cars, with enormous engines underneath, V8’s rumble from under the bonnet of an otherwise discreet Mercedes Estate car, mundane looking Golfs are actually hyper tuned cars designed for the race circuit.

Particularly in Frankfurt – a wealthy city – you will find these cars at almost every set of traffic lights, eagerly awaiting the green signal, whereupon you would think that they have just been given the green light on the Nürburgring as all hell breaks loose, with Audi’s, Porsches, Range Rovers (and the occasional Smart car) roaring off the line into the city.

Please be aware that a slow start is not an option though, even a micro second of hesitance at a red light turned green, will invoke honks of fury, as if in that moment you are holding up the entire German economy. So as a rule, if you are at the front at a green light? it is time to test your start line timing, foot to the floor, Go Go Go!

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