#91: Prost!

Eye contact must be made!

Or Cheers! to anyone from the UK.

Germans do like beer, which is perhaps one of my favourite things ever and when coupled with sausage I am in Bavarian heaven! Germany has a great tradition of great beer and it is generally of a higher quality, with a much larger choice than other countries I have visited. Wheat beer (Weizen) in particular is delicious.

It is very usual to toast, as it is in the UK, with “Prost” replacing “Cheers” however there is one marked difference. In Germany according to tradition, you are supposed to look the person in the eye when you “chink” your glass with that person, lest ye face 7 years of bad sex, Germans will often toast several times throughout the drink, so it can be a fairly time-consuming process.

It is particularly uncomfortable to “Prost” your girlfriend’s father, whilst he demands you look him in the eye, I know that he does not wish himself to have bad sex, but in a roundabout way he is ensuring his daughter doesn’t either… CHEERS!

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