#90: Iron Curtains

Bomb Proof

Houses in Germany look like the houses you will find all over Continental Europe, but different to those commonly found in the UK. There, the houses and villages could be described as quaint, or cute. In Germany, you can describe them as functional, or bomb proof.

I live in an apartment built most likely in the 1950’s and structurally it would survive everything but a direct hit from a 10 megaton blast. To keep out the sun and heat in the summer many German households have metal shutters on the outside of their windows, these also double as curtains. These shutters roll down like the security doors you see on the front windows of shops and obscure every particle of light from the outside. Coupled with this many apartments will have bars across the windows, to keep bad guys out in the summer.

My rear door, for instance, has a double glazed door, a fly net, a metal roller shutter and THEN iron bars with a lock. So, no one is getting in, but in a fire, how am I getting out??

Still, should WWIII ever happen, I probably won’t even hear it.

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