#85: Ice, Ice Baby

Spaghetti Ice

If you are asked if you want to go and get “Ice” by a German, you may do exactly as I did, look vague and repeat with confusion “ICE?”

I am still not used to this word, every time I hear a German tell me “we get some Ice” I picture that we are about to go to a dark street corner to procure the latest class A street drug.

But of course, German’s mean ICE-CREAM! but have efficiently omitted the word “cream” to speed up the whole transaction. It is a big tradition in Germany to venture out for a walk that ends at a local Ice-cream shop, which you will find in pretty much every town, village and high street.

Lastly, when the German you are with asks for “spaghetti ice”, don’t be confused, it is merely ice cream that is pressed through a machine that makes it all stringy.

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