#84: Schlaf Gut!

1 bed… 2 mattresses, 2 quilts!

It wakes you in the night, it takes you to that cold, dark, alarming space, you fumble around in vain for safety, there is none forthcoming, you expand your search to locate any shred of comfort and security, but it won’t come.

You grab something, you pull hard and frustrated by your impotence, you use all of your body’s leverage to heave the cotton armour back over your cold exposed body, only to stir the beast that lurks within and the inevitable battle commences. “you have stolen all the duvet!”

This argument takes place in households the world over, maybe it happened to you last night, maybe tonight is the night for the battle of the Duvet!

You can always count on the Germans to solve a problem and being as efficient as they are, they have of course come up with a remedy so simple, it could be considered as genius. So, behold the solution in all it’s glory!!!!!……. 1 bed, 2 Duvets.

How easy is this? I can’t believe it has not been adopted more widely, stay at many hotels in Germany and order a double room, you will find the double bed has 2 single duvet covers neatly folded at the bottom of the bed, the battle is over, you can relax now. Sleep well, or Schlaf Gut! as the Germans say.

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