#81: Gardening

Communal, out of town gardens

In the UK at least, we have communal gardens located in the centres of cities and towns (allotments). These remote gardens are extremely popular among people – generally, older people – who either do not have a garden, or only have a small garden, to give them somewhere to grow food.

Allotments were made popular during the war, particularly during rationing, when great swathes of land were put aside by the government so that people could “Dig for Victory”

In Germany, they have similar patches of land, generally in, or near busy cities but they are used slightly differently. In Germany, they are actual gardens. They will most likely have a small shed containing a mower and other gardening tools, maybe some decking, a trampoline, a swing set, an apple tree maybe, usually a flag pole and it is completely fenced off.

It’s funny to know that, when a German family would like to do something as simple as sit out in the garden, they are prepared to load the car and then drive several miles out of the city in order to do so.

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