#79: Currywurst


I am a huge fan of German sausage, it’s right up there with my favourite things about Germany. One thing I am still not sure if I am very fond of though is Currywurst.

Served by street vendors the nation over, they take a sausage, slice it into small round pieces, cover it in a tomato based sweet curry sauce, sprinkle with a tasteless curry powder, place it on a small paper plate with a bread roll and “voila”. You enjoy your sausage with a small plastic fork and a small beer. Generally handing over around 5 Euros for the privilege.

It is difficult to say what makes a good Currywurst, as a lot of the sausage taste can be masked by the sauce so this part has to be good. I enjoy mine the most in the winter and would say that this German tradition needs to be tried when in Germany as you will not find this delicacy anywhere else in the world!

Guten Appetite!

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