#76: Dubbing

Germans do not like it either.

In many other European countries, western cinema is played in English and subtitled. This means that you can meet people from Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands etc. and they will speak remarkable English, albeit with an American accent owing to all the US TV shows they consume.

However, in Germany, they dub overall English language movies and TV with German actors and dub the film into German. What this does is potentially ruin great dialogue and movie scenes because the words may have no direct German translation and it also creates an annoying visual where the mouths never match the words and it actually dilutes German exposure to “British and American English”

I would be watching a film with my German girlfriend that starred an actor she had never seen in an original English film. Let’s say Bruce Willis for instance and she say’s “Oh my god, is that what he really sounds like?” Because in Germany you get used to the same voice actors playing the same people, there is a German Bruce Willis, a German Arnold Schwarzenegger, a German Scarlett Johanssen etc.

What a job that is, sitting around waiting for Arnie to make Terminator 5 so you can work again.

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