#71: Translating Inlaws

11898690_10155957127410788_2751626023998599823_nIf you live in Germany and meet a beautiful Fräulein and marry her, then  you’re going to want to learn German. Whether you believe you need to or not. Not speaking German will create arguments between you and your in-laws forever. Fact.

Whether the argument be about how hard English is to learn as a German. Or the fact that I live in Germany, so I should automatically learn German, to just plain wanting to understand each other. It’s an argument that happens very, very often.

My wife dutifully serves as translator, whilst her father and I try as hard as we can, with the little English he has and the little German I have (which between us is still no where near enough for a conversation) until we are exhausted. Now the fights can begin over why I am still not learning German, why my wife (who is German) is not teaching me German and how much easier it would be for everyone if I just spoke German.

I do plan on learning more German, but I am a little worried as I understand very little of what’s said around the dinner table, so what happens when I do? What if it turns out that we don’t actually like each other?

The above picture, is actually me with my in-laws at a party in 2015


  1. fruenni - Reply

    And don’t forget your wife’s friend, who has the courage to talk with you, only when she is drunk. 😂😜

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