#72: Hating Bayern Munich

Muller – Loved in the national team, not so much in the Bayern team.

As is the right of every football fan in the UK to hate Manchester United… other than Manchester United fan’s of course, it is every German’s right to hate Bayern Munich.

One of Europe’s most successful ever clubs, they have dazzled in recent seasons with amazing football, under great leadership from the likes of Louis Van Gaal and Pep Guardiola. They have won all competitions multiple times and boast some of the greatest soccer players in world football, including  Muller, Robben, Ribery, and Neuer.

In fact, much like Manchester United winning many Premier League titles over the last 15 years, Bayern Munich’s domestic domination has been similar. 9 titles in 15 years and this has resulted in their success becoming a little predictable. Bayern Munich fans have become well, arrogant. They don’t just want to win, it’s assumed they will.

This is where the great German past time of “Schadenfreude” comes in. Meaning simply “pleasure in an others pain” everyone wants to see Bayern slip up, to lose a game they were not expecting, or to be dumped out of Europe. Unless of course, you are a Bayern Munich fan.

My advice? Don’t be that guy. Go for Borussia Dortmund instead, everyone likes them.


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