#73: Waiting Rooms

Waiting Room.

So, it seems that Germans greet each other in strange places, waiting rooms, elevators, and… sometimes toilets. But always in waiting rooms.

A small, sanitary white room with a cupboard for hanging coats in the corner. In the middle is a small table, full of German magazine publications that, even if I could speak the language, I would probably be unlikely to pick up to read anyway. The German equivalent of “Horse and Hound” I suspect.

Every few minutes, someone will enter and greet the whole room… “Guten Tag!” The whole room will respond in an echo “Guten Tag”

Apart from me, that is… I find the whole thing rather strange. They do not say anything else to each other, only hello and good bye. Sometimes the informal way of goodbye “Tchüss” is used.

The direct translation of Tchüss is “See you again” which, judging by the amount of time I have already spent waiting, may actually be on their follow up visit in a weeks time.



  1. Zyriacus - Reply

    “Patients are kindly requested not to exchange symptoms while waiting for treatment.” Maybe that’s why the don’t talk in waiting rooms.

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