#59: No Fireworks!

Fireworks in the Street

Buying fireworks in Germany is largely impossible except for 4 days of the year.

In Britain from mid-October onward you can basically buy fireworks from a raft of sketchy looking stores, who have imported container loads of explosives from China for the local youth to buy and throw at each other.

In Germany however, fireworks are only sold at new years from December 28th to Jan 1st and it is not permitted to fire them on any other day than New Year’s. This excludes large festivals and professional displays of course.

In Britain you will begin hearing fireworks from mid-October onwards, because we have 2 main celebrations involving fireworks – Guy Fawkes night on November 5th and New Year’s eve. Stores however, will be open weeks in advance of this and as there are no laws protecting the peace and quiet like in Germany, so you have to spend much of October and November listening to a recreation of down town Baghdad circa 2003.

In Germany, this means a quiet year all round particularly for pets, but this prohibition means that come New Year’s eve, every man woman and child is expected to blow something up, meaning fireworks will be going for HOURS AND HOURS, a quick word of advice… since you can’t beat them, join them.

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