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#74: Weihnachtsmärkt


Perhaps the single greatest thing that Germany EVER created, better than Porsche, better than Sausage, maybe even better than beer, is the Christmas Market.

Big words, but believe me Christmas markets are the greatest thing ever. Period. Only those that have never been to one would disagree with me.

By the end of November nearly every small town in Germany will begin burdening their small market places with little wooden huts, grand carousels and stages and lighting displays that are visible from space. The scene is set, all thats missing is the atmosphere.

Jam packed and open nightly from the beginning of December to Christmas eve, you can walk around these cute, kitsch little markets that offer gifts that you will not find anywhere else, meat from every animal  and the best part of every Christmas market, Glühwein.

This tasty winter drink is a real treat. It is the English equivalent of Mulled wine, but without all the fuss. Warmed spiced red wine, often with a shot of brandy or rum added to it, making the the perfect winter warmer for standing around on cold German nights.

Germans, incidentally also do wine festivals better than anywhere else and there are similarities between the two. For instance many of the same drinks are available at Christmas Markets, that you would find at the Summer markets, but just heated up. These may include: (and bear with me here, I have sampled most of these)

  • Weisser Glühwein (Hot White Wine)
  • Heisser Cider (Hot Cider)
  • Heisser Tequila (Hot Tequila Shots (GROSS))
  • Heisse Schokolade with Rum (Hot Chocolate)
  • Glühkirschbier (Hot Cherry Beer)

These are just to name a few, but if you find yourself passing through Germany in December, be sure to make it one of your stops, it will leave you full of christmas spirit and cheer before you head back to the misery that is England in December, or France in December, or anywhere that isn’t a small German town full of festiveness in December.