Visiting Germany? Moving there? Or just a curious German? This book is a hilarious take on what makes Germany, German. It will provide you real information in a light hearted and fun way, about a country that the author Paul Hughes grew to love and calls home.

In country where Sauerkraut juice is an actual thing, you could be forgiven for thinking it is a real ordeal to assimilate into Germany. It’s true, some of the things you will see in your first few months are surprising and shocking. But honestly, there’s nothing wrong with Germany… but you may notice a few things.

Whether it’s pooping on a shelf, never apologising, or trying to break the sound barrier on the Autobahn you will surely find a lot to love about Germany.

This book is a light hearted collection of things Paul personally notices in his day to day life since moving here as a British immigrant in 2015 and marrying a German. It is the quirks and observations that in his opinion makes Germany as unique, as it is beautiful.

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Paul shared his findings of Germany with a large ex-pat audience in the form of the U.S. Army as the morning show presenter on the American Forces Network between 2014 and 2018. He writes for the Wall Street International and features on several Expat websites. Paul also recorded a podcast with fellow expats called “The Paul “the Brit” Podcast. Life in Germany” available on iTunes.

I am also proud to be a contributing author at Wall Street International, you can find my articles here.

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